Seller Info April 11, 2024

My Secret for Getting You the Most Offers on Your Home?

Would you like to know the secret for getting your the most offers on your home in the greater Puget Sound region?

List just below the market.

In my 15+ year of experience listing and selling homes, pricing too high can dissuade potential buyers, but pricing just below the market value??  It generates the buzz we’re looking for.  Buyers are drawn to what they see as a good value or deal, leading to a spike in interest and oftentimes a bidding war.

But there’s more…

Pricing is one key component of a larger strategy to garner interest and receive strong offers from multiple contenders.

In reality, many integral puzzle pieces come together to get your home sold for top dollar.

If you’re looking for more details on my selling strategy?  Send me a message to access my Seller’s Guide and access to my playbook for turning your ‘For Sale’ into ‘Just Sold’